Unite and equip people to act against Human Trafficking in their everyday lives.

The business of Human Trafficking intersects with your life in a vast number of ways, which means there are a vast number of ways for you to disrupt this form of exploitation.


Disrupting Human Trafficking requires more than awareness, but an actual, active commitment and effort on the part of everyone; people and businesses that may unknowingly, but regularly interact with traffickers, victims and survivors, and buyers on an everyday basis.

Find the tools you need to disrupt exploitation where you live and work.

Join the fight against Human Trafficking in your community!

Invest in providing the training, tools and resources to actively disrupt the business of Human Trafficking.


We developed Mapping Exploitation with Michigan in mind. It meets the licensing standards for all Michigan professionals required to receive anti-trafficking education.

We utilize case studies based on actual Michigan Human Trafficking cases. Every chapter of the story includes expert testimony and access to evidence-based resources.

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