Remove the systems and structures that contribute to Human Trafficking.

Every public health and safety system tracks data on Human Trafficking, as they should. But our systems are dramatically misaligned. Mapping Exploitation aligns our systems around shared data and response standards. With equipped communities and integrated systems, we can mobilize to end exploitation.

Scaling Experts and Advisors

Subject matter experts continue to join our Advisory Council, informing best practices, governing data standards, and shaping fact-based, effective education.


Operations & Finance
Business Development
Product Management
Diversity & Inclusion

Skilled Professionals

Film & Media Production Photography
Writing / Editorial
Data Science
Technical Architecture
Event Planning

Subject Matter Experts

Human Trafficking
Trauma Informed Response Immigration
Public Health
Legislative Policy
Law Enforcement
Communities of Faith

Join the fight against Human Trafficking in your community!

Invest in providing the training, tools, and resources to actively disrupt the business of Human Trafficking.


Educated and equipped first responders.

Framework & standards for interdisciplinary data collection on Human Trafficking.

Data-driven public policy and best practices in service delivery.

Map of applicable victim services, reporting mechanisms and IT systems.

Feedback loop between policymakers and first responders.


We developed Mapping Exploitation with Michigan in mind. It meets the licensing standards for all Michigan professionals required to receive anti-trafficking education.

We utilize case studies based on actual Michigan Human Trafficking cases. Every chapter of the story includes expert testimony and access to evidence-based resources.

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