Mapping Exploitation: Escort Services


Mapping Exploitation: Escort Services

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We developed our curriculum with Michigan in mind.

It meets the licensing standards for all Michigan professionals required to receive anti-trafficking education.

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A broad term used widely in the commercial sex trade, referring to commercial sex acts that primarily occur at a temporary indoor location.

The operations are often described as “out-call”, where traffickers deliver victims to a buyer’s hotel room or residence, or as “in-call” where buyers cycle in and out of a location where the trafficker confines the victim.

Our training meets the licensing standard for all Michigan professionals required to receive anti-trafficking education.

We utilize case studies based on actual Michigan Human Trafficking cases.
Every chapter of the story includes expert testimony and access to evidence-based resources.


Cases Reviewed

We’ve  invested 1,200+ hours of research to craft honest case scenarios for healthcare professionals, social workers and law enforcement.

We’re gathering responses from professionals like you. These responses are vital for measuring readiness and supplying us with an invaluable collection of specific protocols, coding, and referral practices used by each industry.

Leveraging this information, we’re standardizing and enabling the exchange of data, patterns, and response protocols to better assist our frontline professionals.

Michigan Impact

This work results in raising awareness and equipping first responders, but it will also aide investigations and prosecutions, improve victim care, and inform our public policy and legislation around this issue.

SAMPLE: Force or Fraud or Coercion
SAMPLE: Lieutenant Ed Price of Michigan State Police
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