Pre-recorded sexually explicit videos & images, including child pornography. This can include informally distributed pornographic material, or commercial sex through a formal pornography company. *Note: This type should not be confused with interactive webcam shows.

Type: Sex Trafficking


The National Hotline has documented cases of family members, intimate partners, and individual sex traffickers earning profit from distributing a vic- tim’s non-consenting appearance in pornographic material. The related issue of “revenge porn” is also a concern within relationship violence and can be considered high risk for sex trafficking. For cases involving webcams, please refer to Remote Interactive Sexual Acts. This type also includes the production and distribution of child pornography. The National Hotline frequently receives tips via our online reporting tool linking to suspicious web- sites that may contain child pornography. While the hotline records data from these reports, the hotline is unable to investigate such links to verify the legitimacy and therefore forwards all potential child pornography tips to The National Center of Missing and Exploited Children. Please visit the center for more information.

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